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Originally posted by puppymom@Aug 7 2005, 09:05 PM
Ty just turned 5 months old  and it appears that his areas of "lemon" are actually getting a bit more noticeable.  I am not really sure if this is because his hair has gotten longer or the areas have gotten bigger or they have actually gotten darker.  I do not plan to show him, am going neuter him and will adore him no matter what color he is.  But I am curious, if he is going to turn white at what age would it be?
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Sassy's apricot coloring several patches on her back lightened up and the apricot on her ears lightening up but it never went away. Skeeter's beige/tan patch on his back darkened with the hair there getting course and rought. His ears lightned up and are a light buff tan and white while his back darkened.

I know some Maltese with a lot of color as puppies that had white hair growing in as an adult and they are all white. I also know puppies like my Skeeter and Sassy with more color. Many show dogs have color on them or in their recessive genes that come out with close breedings. I have learned some color is not that important as long as our Maltese are healthy and cute in our eyes and lovable. Of course all white is aesthetically pleasing and the standard calls for all white with some lemon on the ears permissible.

Susan & my furkidz in NJ
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