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"Lemon Coloring"

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Ty just turned 5 months old and it appears that his areas of "lemon" are actually getting a bit more noticeable. I am not really sure if this is because his hair has gotten longer or the areas have gotten bigger or they have actually gotten darker. I do not plan to show him, am going neuter him and will adore him no matter what color he is. But I am curious, if he is going to turn white at what age would it be?
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Originally posted by MomtwoMaltmuffins@Aug 7 2005, 08:09 PM
over time the lemon/ biege will disappear.

Casper had the lemon on his ears and a small patch on his back.  The patch on his back the hair was even different, short and curly.  Now the patch looks like it has all disappeared and the hair is normal and his ears are white.  He is now 1.5 years old, I dont remember when exactly it all disappeared
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You would be surprised at some of those dogs in the show ring who had lemon before they were bleached.

I did a fairly close breeding last year -- the girls had the same grandfather on the sire and dam's side. While this was done to help set size, it also brought out the color in them, whereas their parents are white. It took about nine months for them to become completely white--and I didn't bleach them either.
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Don't mean to rain on your parade, but some breeders bleach the pups before they go to their new home. You may see the darker hair after the bleached part grows out. Also, for some of you who have had problems with the tear stain products not working, it might be that this area was also bleached, as things like Eye Envy won't work as well after bleaching.
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