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"Lemon Coloring"

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Ty just turned 5 months old and it appears that his areas of "lemon" are actually getting a bit more noticeable. I am not really sure if this is because his hair has gotten longer or the areas have gotten bigger or they have actually gotten darker. I do not plan to show him, am going neuter him and will adore him no matter what color he is. But I am curious, if he is going to turn white at what age would it be?
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When my mom got her male Tucker, he had lemon/champagne coloring all over his body, but he had white roots at 13 weeks old. So she didn't worry about it too much when she brought him home. He is now about 9 months old and has been visiting me this week so I was able to really look at him. If I look at him in good lighting I can see his hair is actually striped looking, like it came in dark lemon for a while, grew in very light for a while then came in lemon again. Now it's very light again. I'm thinking it's about time that his hair is changing from his puppy coat to his adult coat and hoping he stays the color he is. Interesting to hear what Vanitysmom said about the pigment, as his pigment is very dark.
Here's a picture of him snuggled up to Lexi after long day of playing, you can see how dark it was on his ears and how white his roots are now. So there certainly is hope that your pup will lighten.

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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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