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"Lemon Coloring"

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Ty just turned 5 months old and it appears that his areas of "lemon" are actually getting a bit more noticeable. I am not really sure if this is because his hair has gotten longer or the areas have gotten bigger or they have actually gotten darker. I do not plan to show him, am going neuter him and will adore him no matter what color he is. But I am curious, if he is going to turn white at what age would it be?
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The lemoning, in my opinion, is a catch-22. Some believe that you need it for good pigment but it is not desired. Good pigment (the black points) is required in our standard. Personally I would rather have a bit of lemoning on the ears than poor pigment.

If your dog is out in the sun it can actually get darker due to the pigmentation. I have excellent pigment here at my house but I also do have some dogs with color (lemoning) in their coats........not all of them but several do. I had one girl here that during her show career, I could not let her go outside because if I did she would get the lemoning down the part of her back and of course her pigment was gorgeous with or without the added sunshine......she is now 7 years old and has never had winter fact there are only a couple of my guys whose pigment has faded with age.

So to answer you may go away as your dog gets older and it may not....some do ...some don't. But it is nothing to really worry about from the picture I see of your dog, which is a real cutie, by the way.
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