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"Lemon Coloring"

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Ty just turned 5 months old and it appears that his areas of "lemon" are actually getting a bit more noticeable. I am not really sure if this is because his hair has gotten longer or the areas have gotten bigger or they have actually gotten darker. I do not plan to show him, am going neuter him and will adore him no matter what color he is. But I am curious, if he is going to turn white at what age would it be?
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It never occurred to me that some of the snow withes might be bleached!! I also just recently read that unlike most hair maltese hair will continue to grow from the en(most hair grows from the root) which explains why some of the hair is white on the end and lemon at the root!
I don't want to ressurect an old subject but I do have two maltese books at home that have rather complicated drawings of maltese hairgrowth showing growth from both the root and the tip. I'll have to check the authors. I have also noticed that on Ty's back where one of his original lemo spots is thir is longer white hair, og course there could siply be white hair that has grown out around it. I'll have to go home and check the authors of the books I have, it may be that they are not reputable sources since my knowledge comes only from reading their books.

Not that any of it really matters, I was just curious.
The book: Maltese A Comprehensive Guide To Owning and Caring for Your Dog by Juliette Cunliffe

This book states that "Unlike human hair that grows from the the base, a dog's hair also grow from the end" (pp 75)

I don't know if this is a reputable source or not.
That is what I thought, and was supriased to read that.
What cuties!!! :D It will be interesting to see what color Ty winds up. Doesn't relly matter to me, I think his "champagne" ears give him character! We spend alot of time outside in the sun so he may wind up a "suntanned" boy!
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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