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Lexi's Sick

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Lexi started barking this morning at 6AM. She wouldn't stop so I went out to her crate to take her out to go potty. I noticed her pillow in her crate covered in brown stuff. I got her out of the crate and she started to act like she had to go potty so I took her out. She went poop but it was really, really soft. Almost to soft to pick up. When we got back inside she throw up a brown liquid. I offered her some dog food (didn't have any hamburger or rice for the bland diet) and she wouldn't eat it. We went outside one more time before I went to work and again the poop was really, really soft.

I called the vet and they said to give her a bland diet (boiled hamburger and boiled rice) for 24 hrs. After that if she is better I can give her her dog food again. If she isn't better I'm supposed to bring her in.
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Originally posted by Lexi's Mom+Jul 27 2005, 10:14 AM-->
@Jul 27 2005, 09:04 AM
A few months ago Tini threw up some brown stuff-- the vet said it was poop.
I hope for your sake it is something as simple as poop 

Hope Lexi is feeling better soon 

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Yeah that is what I'm thinking it was.

I really, really don't think it was heatstroke. It was actually chilly when we went for the walk. Plus we got back to the apartment at 7:30 and didn't go to sleep until almost 11. If it was heatstroke I think she would have had some symptoms before this morning. Plus she is used to the walk. Normally it is a 2.5 mile walk and Lexi walks about 2miles of it. This time it was closer to 3 miles and she walked about 2.25 miles. If it was heatstroke she probably not have been able to walk as far. After the walk Lexi and Nikki played together until bed. I don't think she would have been playing for 3.5hrs if it was heatstroke.
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Also, didn't you say that Nikki is a poop eater? If so, then maybe Lexi saw her eating it and thought she'd give it a try, too ??
Originally posted by Lexi's Mom@Jul 29 2005, 09:39 AM
[I found this on a website:
Tip 75 - Pumpkin for cats - pumpkin for dogs - Pumpkin for diarrhea or constipation

If your dog or cat is having the occasional case of constipation or diarrhea, one of the things that might help is canned pumpkin. Yes canned pumpkin in its pureed form (NOT pumpkin pie filling) is a fantastic stool softener which makes it a good natural remedy for constipation. It often helps with upset stomach or indigestion for both cats and dogs. It is very rich in fibre and adding just one or two teaspoonfuls to your pet's food often gets the system moving in no time. Dogs will occasionally want to eat it directly and that's fine too. Sometimes though, finicky cats and dogs won't touch it no matter what you do.

On the opposite end of things is diarrhea. Since the dietary fibre in canned pumpkin absorbs water, it can be a great help to a cat or dog that has diarrhea. Some pet owners report that it firms up their pet's loose stools or diarrhea within a few hours. Again one to two teaspoonfuls is all that is needed.

N.B. It should be noted that both diarrhea and constipation can both be very serious and require immediate veterinary care depending on the cause. Whatever the cause, diarrhea or constipation lasting more than 24-36 hours requires vet care. Click the following links for more general information on diarrhea,constipation and intestinal disorders.
I gave Lexi a tablespoon of it last night so I think I might have over done it. Oops! This also explains why Nikki got diarreha.

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Yep, you're right... a tablespoon is a ton for a teeny dog!! ..... since they say 2 tsp. for prob. an average-sized dog... Oh well... !! But that is really great info to have on hand about pumpkin's benefits. I would never have known that. My guys love pumpkin and I usually just give them a teeny bit from the tip of my finger. I sure hope Lexi gets to feeling like herself soon!!
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I'm so glad she is herself again... yea!! That metronidazole really does a great job with tummy problems....
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