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Lexi's Sick

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Lexi started barking this morning at 6AM. She wouldn't stop so I went out to her crate to take her out to go potty. I noticed her pillow in her crate covered in brown stuff. I got her out of the crate and she started to act like she had to go potty so I took her out. She went poop but it was really, really soft. Almost to soft to pick up. When we got back inside she throw up a brown liquid. I offered her some dog food (didn't have any hamburger or rice for the bland diet) and she wouldn't eat it. We went outside one more time before I went to work and again the poop was really, really soft.

I called the vet and they said to give her a bland diet (boiled hamburger and boiled rice) for 24 hrs. After that if she is better I can give her her dog food again. If she isn't better I'm supposed to bring her in.
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glad to hear! dont like to hear of anyone's babies not feeling well.
Originally posted by Lexi's Mom@Jul 27 2005, 08:00 PM
She seems to be back to normal.  She ate supper (rice and chicken).  Her poop is almost back to normal, it is just slightly soft still.  She is playing with Nikki like normal.
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yay!!! I'm soo happy Lexi's alright!!!
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Glad she is feeling better!!!!
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I felt so bad when reading of little Lexie's problem.. can be very scarey!.. but was so relieved as i read on that she had recovered! Maybe she picked up some little thing on the walk that didn't agree with her. Missy could find and devour "goodies" on a walk in a split second!
So glad all is well!
Terry and my sweet little Angel Missy
How is Lexi this morning?
She is doing great! Completely back to normal. I'm going to give her the chicken and rice for another day or so (made way to much of it). Her poop is back to normal and she is playing with Nikki a lot. She ate about 3/4 cup of the chicken and rice this morning.
Glad to hear it...maybe if it was poop that she ate, she has learned her lesson. :D
I'm so glad she's better!!
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Lexi just had MAJOR diarreha! It was like a 3-4" circle about 1/2 high. It was like pudding like. Poor baby!! She is still acting fine. She ate fine at breakfast and lunch. She hasn't eaten anything tonight. I think she drank some water at lunch but she hasn't drank anything while I was home. I'm going to try and get some more water into her tonight. If she isn't better by tomorrow I'm going to take her to the vet.
Oh no! I hope she's alright.
Please keep us posted on how your baby's feeling
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Awww, poor baby! Make sure you get her to the vet if she's not drinking. Dehydration can be dangerous to our little ones.
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I talked to one of my neighbors and his dog had the same thing a few days ago. On the third day he took him to the vet and he is a lot better now.
I just talked to LadyMontava and she said to try giving her some canned pumpkin a few times a day for the next few days. She said if she isn't better by next week (mid week) to take her to the vet. So I'm going to try that. I also got a medicine dropper so I'm "forcing" water into Lexi.
Well I went to the store and got a couple cans of pumpkin and a baf of frozen green beans. Nikki loves the pumpkin but Lexi didn't really like it. So I had to do tough love and rumb finger fulls along the roof of her mouth.

They liked playing with the green beans but wouldn't eat them.
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Guess what?

I think Nikki has what ever Lexi has. Either that or the pumpkin (she stole some of Lexi's) gave her diarreha.
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