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Libby is all proud of her big girl haircut:)

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Hi everyone!

I had Libby cut down pretty short, except for her tail and head. I'm loving it and so is she. The groomer we used was wonderful and Libby was so good for her.:innocent: We'll be going there from now on.:aktion033:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!:chili:

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Her new haircut is adorable. She looks so proud!
aww..I LOVE IT! Next time, im going to keep Ponyo's head long. I really want her to wear a cute ponytail and/or bows! SO cute!
I love it!!!!!!!!
She looks adorable and cool for the summer. :)
Aww she looks very grown up now but very beautiful! :wub::wub::wub:
It's perfect for that beautiful little girl. :wub: She really has a face to die for and I love that that look was maintained in the cut. :chili:
I'm loving all these great hair cuts!!! How wonderful that you got a perfect cut on the first try!!! :thumbsup::aktion033: Love it!
OMG! She looks wonderful! She looks like a puppy.
She looks sooo cute!!! Love the haircut~~~I know Mommy likes it too!!!
Libby is such a pretty baby!! Her haircut looks great too!
She looks so cute! I'm glad that both you and her are loving the new cut!
Awww she looks like adorable! Great cute hair cut for the summer.
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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