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Lily, AMA rescue in Northern California

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Oh, she is adorable and sounds like she will be a wonderful companion to the right person.
Thanks for posting again Margaret. Thanks for also fostering this girl and getting her looking so pretty. Your doing a wonderful job with her. Hope we can find just the right home. Everything in California seems to have come to a stand still with adoptions. I think the economy in California is the pits and everyone is just waiting to see if they survive before adding a dog to their homes. Its sad. Hugs,Edie
Thanks, Edie. I'm thankful she is getting along so well with the other dogs here. :)
Margaret - you got her looking so good? She looks gorgeous - a beautiful coat and that bow in her hair. I can't imagine someone not getting her. :wub::wub: Thanks so much for taking such great care of her.
OMG - she reminds me so much of Tilly. I sure hope she's adopted soon.
Thanks, Edie. I'm thankful she is getting along so well with the other dogs here. :)
I'm thankful mine don't kill each other ~ :HistericalSmiley:

Your new baby girl is flippin' beautiful. I want her!! :wub:

Bless your heart, Margaret. You are one in a million, that's for sure. :chili:

Hey ladies, why don't we trade with Margaret? She can have LBB.
Wow, that sounds like a plan to me...Love Jops
Awww, thanks! :blush: They are so peaceful now (in the middle of the night). But very active during the day. I keep telling them, "stop, who told you you could have so much fun?" :D
She's beautiful and sounds like she has the best personality too! I hope she finds her forever home soon. Great job with her, Margaret!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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