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lion cut

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i want to cut a lion cut- anyone hv any photos? any thoughts? comments? love to hear all...
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I will look through my pics.
Paris had a lion cut for the past few months, then I changed the style.
Now she is just long on her head (and the lion scruff is gone)
I groom them myself, and enjoy giving them quirky styles. ;)

Welcome to Spoiled Maltese! How old is your Malt? What is his/her name? :)
I found a pic of Paris in her lion cut. :aktion033:
It was tricky to find one that showed her whole body without a shirt on...
Her hair is going everywhere from playing, of course!
Her body is short. Her tail is long. Everything on her head and chest is long.
She has very fine hair, so it doesn't pouf out like that cute google image I just saw.
I gave her this cut, but have since changed it.
This cut would look better if the body was trimmed shorter, I think.
And more "even" at the front! But I am new at grooming.:blush:

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Paris looks so happy :D love it

Hey Jilly, I would love to see your creativity every now and then ;) I can only wish that I was able to do it (grooming) on my own :blush: I tried once and it was a disaster. You are way better :aktion033:
Thanks Kat! It is fun to do.
You say you are keen to see my creativity, :whistle:
so perhaps I can practice on Crystal or Snowy?! :w00t:
Just kidding of course!
And as for Coco, her mohawk is growing out,
so I gave her a poodle type of do.
I am sure that whoever you groomed (C or S) still looked adorable!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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