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Little darlings at Las Vegas SPCA

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Spunky 4 y.o. Kent 6 y.0. Snickers 9 mo. Sunny 6 yrs.

All males - all get along w/other dogs. :)
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They are all so cute. You should adopt one! :thumbsup:
Look at the sweet faces,I just think Sunny is adorable...they're all adorable... I know Rylee ,my little boy gets along the best w/ all my kids. He especially loves Amber,the cocker,I think he thinks she's his "Big Blonde Goddess".
Awww I love Sunny. He must be some sort of Chihuahua mix, right?

Adorable. I hope they find great homes.
Oh bless those little boys, you can just see all the love inside them that they are waiting to give. Sweet babies. I pray they find a loving wonderful home which they so deserve.
Sunny kinda looks like a Westie in the picture. They're all adorable...if I didn't have 4 Malts and a cocker already....
What a cute quartet is that ! I am sure they will all find great homes. Can we get them into a rescue?
Such love........adorable little malts!!:biggrin:
I hope they all get great home and soon, really cute little guys!
they are all so sweet, Kent reminds me of Jodi.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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