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Originally posted by Littlemans Mom+Sep 28 2005, 07:15 PM-->
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@Sep 28 2005, 03:52 PM
I like the puppy cuts...will be looking forward for pictures!

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I hope it comes out well enough to show pictures of
This is our first time taking him to a groomer and the first time with this groomer. My Vet recommended her to us, he said she is used to grooming little ones like Indy
I'm just not sure how I want her to do his head and face

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A couple things to consider for the face.... one is whether you want the goatee or not.... the hair under the chin. Kallie used to have it but I cut her ears short and her goatee one day after she was groomed as I just had a feeling it would work for her. I think she looks a lot better that way.

Then you'll need to think of how to handle the hair at their forehead area. Have you seen the pics of 3MaltMom's babies. They look darling after their groom.
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