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Living Room Furniture

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My husband and I are in the market for a new sofa (or loveseat), and I can't seem to find anything decent for my budget. The maximum price I'm willing to pay is around $900 for one piece, and I'm only interested in kiln-dried hardwood frames, and fabric not leather.

I can't afford anything "great" like Drexel Heritage, etc, but is there anything that is quality yet still affordable? I went to the La-Z-Boy gallery today, loved one sofa (kiln-dried hardwood frame), but I truly question their quality...there are a lot of negative reviews online (although the only reviews I can find are on their reclining furniture, which I don't want).

Any tips or suggestions? :)
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I bought a club chair from JC Penny on line shortly before Christmas last year. It was a closeout and a great price. The on-line reviews for it were wonderful. A similar, but slightly more expensive, set, also has great reviews.

The chair I got certainly has been worth the price. I got two slipcovers, one in print, the other in a solid color, and they fit very snugly for a very tailored look.

I think it is certainly worth checking out!
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