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Living Room Furniture

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My husband and I are in the market for a new sofa (or loveseat), and I can't seem to find anything decent for my budget. The maximum price I'm willing to pay is around $900 for one piece, and I'm only interested in kiln-dried hardwood frames, and fabric not leather.

I can't afford anything "great" like Drexel Heritage, etc, but is there anything that is quality yet still affordable? I went to the La-Z-Boy gallery today, loved one sofa (kiln-dried hardwood frame), but I truly question their quality...there are a lot of negative reviews online (although the only reviews I can find are on their reclining furniture, which I don't want).

Any tips or suggestions? :)
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I have always, always bought beautiful furniture here in NC and shopped for great deals. Now, some of our great people (furniture mfgs) have closed their mfg company and outlets and gone overseas. It just breaks your heart. Around 8 years ago, I bought my daughter a 10,000.00 sectional Thomasville sofa for a little over 3,000.00 when she bought her first house. I got it at the outlet store and now it is closed down. Everyone use to come to me from out of state to take them for great furniture values and now it seems to have dried up. I did manage to get a Bob Timberlake bedside table from World of Bob Timberlake for 900.00 and it has gone up to almost 2,000.00 per table last year. I ordered two for my bedroom. I really think that if you put money into something good, it will last you a lifetime. Thank goodness, I bought all my furnture years ago at exceptional prices.....Today, it is untouchable. Use to be, you could get online to order furniture from NC but I have heard there are some scammers out there from our state. Good luck in your furniture search, try to look for sales at better prices but good quality construction like you want~~~:chili:
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