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Thanks, doing a little better today. Her daddy babysat her today so I could go the the dog show in Santa Barbara. They did well together. She dosent seem as irritable. We shall see. Still need to find a long term drug that will work for her. Pred will always take to worst of the symptoms down. I think we are going to try cyclosporin, which is what people with transplanted organs take. Oh, and the pred is doing the usual magic of making her pee about a gallon a day! I just keep the mop ready and waiting! She has to go so much that sometimes she can't make it to the door, poor girl!
Thanks for the update. I am happy to read that she is doing a little better...I pray that it continues and that you will find the best long term drug for her:grouphug:
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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