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London & Preston Housesitting

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Last week I left town with London & Preston to housesit for my parents who went to Boston to visit my sister. They were so bored there and mostly slept! We are all glad to be back home now in our regular routines. This is just a pic I took with my cell phone right before I gave them their baths...


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YAY!!!! London and Preston - The Two Cuties! Looks like they are doing a great job house sitting. :biggrin:
oh Lisa, they really are adorable:wub: it's been so long since we have seen London and Preston
Isn't it funny how even our Malts are more comfortable and at home! lol

I'm sure they did a bang up job of house sitting for G'ma. And that's why they slept a lot. They didn't want to mess anything up! Give your two angels some kisses for me!!
It's about time we see pics of the cuties. :D Preston and London are adorable. Thanks for sharing the pic with us. :D
They sure look pretty good for Malts who need a bath!
They look like they're looking forward to their baths...or had you not mentioned the word?
"waddaya mean BATH! don't we look pretty clean already?" They're both so cute :)
Cute! They look great even before bath time!! I'm assuming that it's one at a time? lol!
Awww, they are so cute together! They're both adorable!! :wub::wub:
They like their routine. When we are not home Alex wants to be held all the time.
I love London and Preston. I love you too, Lisa.
Your doing such a great job with their grooming!!!!!! They look great! Little Preston sure has grown-up and lost that puppy look.
Those two are simply adorable! Isn't it great when they enjoy returning to their normal routine at home?
They look so precious. They obviously had no idea of the fate to befall them...the dreaded BATH TIME :w00t::w00t: Run away Preston and London.
Now how could you look at those sweet faces,so glad to be home & then torture them with a bath? lol Just kidding, they look adorable as always,even if they need a bath.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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