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Originally posted by TheButtercup@Nov 6 2005, 06:21 PM
how aDORable!  buttercup has the same monkey!  she prefers the pig that was in that same set/type of toys.  piggy has been thru several emergency operations, and recently had a tail-ectomy, which he was touch-and-go thru out, but after a long recovery time in a very tropical, hurricane-like region (laundromat), he is back to normal.  buttercup goes nowhere without piggy.

i cant believe how itty bitty teeny tiny he is in that first pic with stone cold stevens  :D  what a cutie!!!!

ann marie and the "if jack would like to participate in the Monkey Relocation Program that i've started, he will be with a monkey in 3-5 business days" buttercup
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Tucker is soooo cute. How old is he?
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