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Originally posted by RexsMom+Sep 3 2005, 05:45 PM-->
@Sep 3 2005, 11:20 AM
I would dab a little hydrogen peroxide in a make-up applicator pad and carefully dab the tear stains.  It not only whitens but also kills some of the bacteria that might be causing it too.
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I actually just found out this by accident. Rex had a flea bite that he was chewing and the hair started to turn pink and wasnt washing out where he was chewing. I was worried he would get an infection, so I started rinsing the sore on his leg with peroxide. It helped heal the sore and whitened the hair. Around that same time, Rex's face began stinking from chewing his leg I thought. I got a cotton ball with peroxide and wiped over his beard, the next morning it was all white and the stink gone! I didnt do this close to his eyes, because he is very wiggly and I dont want to get it in his eyes, so he still has stains there, but I am not really worried. We are doing his pictures tomorrow and stains and all he is my baby!
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When you want to clean the face of a wiggle squirmy baby just take him in your lap and with one hand hold onto the hair under the chin (include the mustache hair) that way he won't squirm and you can control his face and head. It won't hurt him and you will get your job done much easier.
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