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I know I'm not here very much anymore (sorry). Life is a bit crazy right about now. My pack has just gone from 4 (three malts and one sweet shih tzu) down to just three malts. Chyna was extra special, although not a maltese, she was the best dog ever. We just got her skin problems under control and our vet just recently said she looks better that she has in months!! YAY!! Then a week ago, she didn't want her dinner (nothing to run to the vet for), then at night she asked to get down off of the bed at some point...and she never asked to be brought back up so I went to sleep. In the morning I found her laying on the floor - when I lifted her, she was wet and it was still dark so I didn't realize until we got downstairs that it was blood. She died in my arms. Nine years old, my heart is broken. Hold your babies close and love them everyday, because life is short...and we don't get do-overs.


1 - 2 of 12 Posts