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It's been Fiesta week in San Antonio and my 13 year old granddaughter spent 4 days with us so I've missed my SM fix! Fiesta week is parties, parades, food and fun for 11 days! We attended the Fiesta Flambeau parade which is a night parade and the floats, bands and marchers are lit up with lights or glow in the dark accents so it is quite a sight. There are 3 parades that week; one on the river, one during the day on land and another night parade on land. Plus NIOSA (Night in old San Antonio) which is a 4 night food and drink and music fest held at La Villita, the original Spanish settlement here.

In connection with Fiesta there is a Pooch Parade sponsored by the Delta Society (hospital therapy dogs) where owners register and march with their dogs in a parade through the Alamo Heights residential area. There were 750 dogs in the parade this year and many of them were costumed for Fiesta, carried in "floats" made of wagons or walking on leashes. It was so much fun that I just might have to construct a float for Prince Pico next year. We spectated this year but since the neighborhood there really turns out to watch this parade past their doors it has grown tremendously.

There were only 4 or 5 Maltese in the parade, lots of Chihuahuas, many large dogs and greyhounds. It was a real hoot! I tried to meet most of the Maltese owners and did interest one in SM and I hope to see her online soon.

I'm trying to catch up on all the new threads and posts and it looks like it will take me a while.....everyone was busy while I was partying!
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