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I read everyone's posts for months telling now much of a joy their little furballs were but NEVER did I expect these little bundles be so much fun!!!!

Lovingly looking up to you with those little black eyes and tails wagging 90 miles an hour. Following you everywhere. Laying peacefully in your lap.

Who would know UNTIL you came under the spell of a Maltese!!!!!

Who cares if they have an accident in the house. (well, maybe a little)

My little guy is having trouble knowing that poop goes on a pee pad!!!

It's hard for me to leave for work every day. Hubby is having a ball with him. It amazes me how a man can melt when he is with the little furball.

Tucker looks up at us and we just melt!!!! He has us in control.

His hair is long and silky. Doesn't seem to tangle much. Just a few little places but not bad at all.

He has his favorite toys, places to sleep, and now loves to ride in the car. (threw up first time)

I wonder how we went so long in life without this little guy


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