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I learned that Puddles has a luxating patella just by walking him one night. He saw a rabbit and started to run, down he went on his face and started to scream. Ya, scream, it was not a bark. I ran and picked him up and he continued to scream for 5 minutes. After a visit to the ER that night, he was given meds for inflammation and told bed rest. No jumping or playing for 2 weeks. He never showed any type of problems prior to that night.

It's been 5 months now and only see him limp one other time. He's does not jump up and down on the bed any more (has steps) and when I'm playing with him, I make sure I'm sitting on the floor (no jumping up and down on sofa fast).

I was told it will return in time, but will deal with it then. He is not at the point of surgery yet.
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