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Malitda's first picture

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I want you all to see my furbaby Malitda
hopefully I posted her picture right
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I don't see her...
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Woops. I will have to figure this one out, HELP :lol:
Originally posted by scrappy@Jul 6 2005, 11:27 PM
To Add a Signature Photo:

The signature is what will appear at the end of every post automatically.
1. Click on "My Controls" which is at the top of all SM pages.
2. On the left nav go to "Personal Profile" and under that choose "Edit Signature".
3. A posting box will appear.
4. To have a photo in your signature, you need to have your photos "hosted". If you don't already have a hosting company, one you can can go to is Image Cave Free Hosting and upload photos from your computer. You'll need to register there first. Image Cave Free Hosting
5.  You'll need to follow the instructions from Image Cave or other hosting company you may be using. Upload your photo to your hosting company's web site.
6. Then "copy" the URL of the photo. The URL is found in your Album which you can go to after your images area loaded.  "Paste" the URL in to the SM posting area. Put IMG at the front of the URL and /IMG at the end. Put brackets around both. OR you can let the computer do that for you by clicking IMG at the top of the posting area and paste your URL there and it will put in the IMG, etc. for you.
You can edit your image to change the size. Something in the 400-500 range is about right for posting. The "Edit" button is under each photo in your Album.  For a signature you may want to go smaller. If you want to see what size the photos are that people are using on SM go to the photo and right click on it and then choose "Properties" from the choices and you'll see a box that comes up and it'll indicate the size of the photo.
<div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=78863
I tried to have the picture come up on the left side where all of your furbabys have your pictures, can't figure it out.
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Originally posted by MALITDA@Jul 7 2005, 12:04 AM
I tried to have the picture come up on the left side where all of your furbabys have your pictures, can't figure it out.

<div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=78871

fixed it for you
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She is a cutie-pie!!!!!!!!!
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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an adorable puppy!!! I cn hardly stand it, I want to scoop her up and snuggle!!


Ginny, Ty and Tasker
She is just beautiful! Well worth the wait, huh?
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