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It does seem like YoYo is a bit aggressive with his "me-first" attitude. Hannah is my little attention hog. She's not near that bad though. If I try to give Boo some one on one lovin,she will insert herself between us, flop over on her back & paw the air for a bellyrub,sometimes laying partly on Boo. If we go to the fridge for a greenbean or carrot,she jumps in front of him,being so frisky that he backs up & lets her have her way. At bedtime she wants to be first in bed(they both sleep with us). I don't really worry about it. I always make sure Boo gets the greenbean or carrot first,even though he's standing behind Miss Frisky Butt,who is spinning & prancing & almost climbing into the fridge in her attemps to be first. I take turns at bedtime,putting Boo in bed first & next night Hannah goes first. As for hogging the petting, Hannah gets way more than her share because she seems to need it & want it more,but when Boo does want some special loving,I just ignore Hannah & she will get the message. Boo's never been one to be alpha & Hannah really isn't either,but with Boo's "let her have her way" attitude,she will take advantage of the situation. She's so sweet & cute & lovable about it though, we all just work around it. They do get along beautifully,so I'm thinking it's all ok. Now if she were to be as forceful as YoYo(blocking the doorway) seems to be,then I'd be a bit concerned about it. I don't think it's a Malt vs nonMalt thing,since mine are both Malts.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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