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I don't know if this is a malt vs. non-malt problem or if it's a dogs-in-general no matter the breeds problem...

YoYo has become quite bossy. He is a mix, a rescue, he's around 30 lbs (see in my siggie). He's always been an attention monger--as in if I'm giving Ollie some love he will come over and shove himself in the way, etc. But recently, for example, if I tell one of them to go to the kitchen YoYo will run and get there first, and try to block Ollie from the doorway! Last night at bedtime he did the same thing when entering the bedroom! And his attention mongering has become more bullyish to the point if I'm spending time with Ollie he will try to grab my hands with his mouth (mouthing, not biting me) to move my hands away, etc.

Poor Ollie. I'm not sure what to do. YoYo doesn't seem to be guarding food, so that's at least a good thing--I wouldn't want to be worrying about Ollie getting squeezed out of that and have to feed them separately, etc.

BTW we have had YoYo for just over a year now. Otherwise he is a total sweetheart.

Any suggestions?? I realize this is a dominance thing, but not sure if I should be doing something about it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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