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I can relate to part of your situation, as when I go down the stairs to the main floor, London always runs down ahead of me, and Preston always follows behind me (my little lover boy), and London will wait for him to come down and play-attack him. He hates it most of the time, so to solve it, I usually command her to "back" (back up) several feet from the stairs to give him space to move where he wants before she tries to get him.

I would try and work with YoYo on the blocking the doorway issue, as it COULD potentially turn into something more serious in the future. I would probably either restrain YoYo until Ollie is in the kitchen first, or when YoYo gets to the kitchen (or other doorway where he blocks), put him in a sit-stay, down-stay, etc until Ollie enters the room. You can also do what I do and block YoYo from going after Ollie. Perhaps using a leash on YoYo during this would be helpful.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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