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Malt over powering cat

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Puddles does not play fair with our cat (Lucky).
He pulls at his tail, ears and jumps on him.
The poor cat can't even lay in peace on the floor or sofa.
I don't know how to calm Puddles down when it comes to these actions. I know he may be playing, but its sad to see Lucky being treated this way. Wish she would just slap or scratch him just once.

I thought after a year this would come to a halt, but Puddles is getting worse.

All night tonite we have said with a strong voice...NO NO PUDDLES STOP.

Any suggestions.......

(Hubby says Puddles is a spoiled brat) grrrrrrrrrrr
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I would treat him like I treat my nephew when he was a baby getting into things he shouldn't. I held his face and made him look at me and say NO sternly and hold their face for afew seconds. That's just me though. Sometimes, they have selective hearing so I MAKE SURE they hear me.
how old is puddles?

gruffi used to be REALLY REALLY bad with ellie and sprite...mostly ellie.

he basically grew out of it. he still every now and then gets to be a pain, but most of the time he's sleeping. we go on 2 1-hour walks. and sometimes it goes longer than an hour because of the trail we're on. we live near a bunch of steep hills....and that helps a lot with draining his energy.

OH...and dog parks. they get soo tired playing with other dogs.
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Puddles is 13 months old and the cat was here when he came.

Tonight it was really bad. Lucky wanted to play with his turbo scratcher and Puddles would jump on him and try to play with it himself. So I picked up Puddles and would not let go. Made him so mad.
I cant help you but I know how you feel, I have Sunny who is 10 months old and Winnie my 15 year old cat. Winnie hates Sunny, if she is still on the sofa and he just walking threw the room she stands up and starts like growling at him (Winnie dosnt sound like a normal cat lol) so she scratches him then Sunny thinks she wants to play and before you know it they are running all over the house knocking everything off the tables. I finally got Sunny to stop starting fights with Winnie but if she starts it there seems to be no stopping him.
This is a common occurance in our house with our older cat Spencer, who has no claws. (came that way to us) He fights and plays back...and when I feel like he has had enough...usually he is trying to get away and Brink won't let him...I just pick up Spencer and put him over the hall gate. The other cats have claws. Callie hates him, but Littles will play with him-they just don't get near as rough as he does with Spencer.
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WE have two cats at our house.Tucker (who believes he is a realperson)will play with the dogs always has.Enter Miss Lamby who some of you might remember her cat fetish from Robyns posts.Doesnt even give poor Tucker a chance to play.Lamby is instantly on the attack mode when she sees him.Chases him and BITS HIM She will stop if I get time to hollar Lamby NOOOOOOOO But I swear that girl goes from o to 90 in a flat New York sec. Snickers my Moms persion,never plays but if Lamby goes after him he will chase her back and swat her,so she leaves him alone.I cant figure out why Tucker wont swat her. He just runs for his life ,I guess cause he has always played with Bailey & Kirbie.I keep hopeing he will nail her so she will quit AND MAYBE just play. I guess she is getting better cause at first she wouldnt even stop when I hollered at her.But she still manages to get a mouth full of poor Tuckers hair before I can yell at her.
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