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Maltese Adora-Belle's CASA bed [progress]

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worked on Belle's bed/ramp today, will try to work on it some more tommorow if college football dont get in my way :lol:


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Joe, I know you will come through just fine. My bed is 26". Belle has never jumped off or on. The toy box at the bottom doesn't concern me (though it would be nice) nearly as much as the jump from my bed to the top bed and then ramp.
College football, no problem. I haven't told Belle that her new bed and ramp are coming soon so she won't know the difference. Thanks! ~Jackie
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Thanks Joe. I'm so excited. It will be so nice when she uses it instead of waking me up kissing me all over to go potty at 2 a.m. She doesn't do that often but I certainly won't miiss that. Kisses I love but not at 2 a.m.
Thanks Joe for the update. It looks great. I thought about it last night as Belle got me up at midnight to go potty. Thanks 3MaltMom, I'm really looking forward to having the bed with the ramp. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before she starts using it. Her lessons if needed will begin as soon as we do our part of the finishing touches on it.
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Sounds great! I think Belle is going to love it. I've just given her free reign of the house while I am here and this will add to her indepedence by being able to get up and down on the bed without me freaking that she is going to get hurt.
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My husband or one of my sons are going to finish Belle's Bed. I'm not really sure yet what finish, but we will have pictures of it and hopefully get one of Belle on it.
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