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maltese and other dogs

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I have a maltese (7 months) and black lab (10 months). They are best friends. Little Ogi goes everywhere with his big brother, he plays with other dogs (big or small), and is very brave. But when I take him for a walk without Pako (black lab), he is not so brave anymore?

any suggestions?

(i hope you understand me, my english is not so good - I'm from Slovenija - Europe)

and I also looooove this web site
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You english is great! Welcome to the site.
It sounds like Pako is the alpha dog and Ogi feels more secure with him around. Try to take Ogi out alone more often so he can get used to being without Pako. Teach him that everything is going to be ok when Pako is not around.... It may take some time but I think Ogi will adjust to knowing that you will protect him

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