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Originally posted by Fach@Jul 3 2005, 05:25 PM
Being a new malt mommy I am perplexed with all the grooming requirements. Can anyone reccomend a grooming video they found helpful and clear? I found two on line. One from pure paws and the other from AMA. I want to give the best care and think a video guide will be helpful. Also, does anyone use the dental cleaning pads from the vets office? I was reccomended those for my sheltie whom would let me do anything to him EXCEPT clean his teeth. Do they do the job as well as a tooth brush? Thanks.
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Is the grooming guide Maltese related or general? Have you seen JMM's grooming guides posted on SM? Until you get your video you may find these helpful:

Grooming Tools Pictorial

Brush Comparison

Puppy Cut Pictorial

Top Knot Pictorial
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