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Maltese Heaven at the 2010 Nationals

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This should be the new SM banner....LOL


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I want that couch! with all the "accessories" of course! lol They're all so beautiful!
I agree - the new SM banner!
oh my gosh I have never seen so many beauty's in one place, can't wait to see more pictures,so who's who
That is soooo precious. Yepper I vote SM banner. Definately a case of Malts are like potato just can't stop at one...

How many is there,I think I see 11 and one in the lower corner...
This was SOOO much fun!! We had 12 Malts in the room and 11 in the picture.
there were more..I think 14 in the room..some puppies who jumped off. Carina's and Stacy's
Oh, gosh!!! I agree!! That should be the SM banner!!!

Leslie, is that Moxie to our left, in the back?
Oh so pretty...look at all those little smiles!!! :)
Leslie - you got the perfect picture.:chili: If there were ribbons for that it should go to you. When did you get it?
Great shot, Leslie. How beautiful.
Ok, I just started LAUGHING when I saw that last pic!

Because really - Truffles wasn't posing or anything, was she?
They are all so adorable I wanted to take them all home with me!
Great pictures, Maggs. Oh and thanks for the update yesterday ! :D
Adorable,just adorable. My hubby asked if all those belonged to one person. I told him it was Nationals. He said,whew,just think of all the brushing and combing...and they'd need a realy big bed,LOL.
He thought it was an adorable sight,all those fluffs.
Makes you just want to sit down in the middle of all of them. reminds me of "couchtime" at our house...minus 7 fluffs.
I like how Jax is on the back of the sofa in one picture. I have no idea where I was during this group love fest. Everytime, I entered the "Babe Suite" it was a happen place for maltese & people alike.
I am sorry I missed the malt fest :-( The kids and I were swimming and busy getting ready for the show. I will have to be more sociable next time. lol
A sofa full of cuteness! That's a great idea to make it a lovely banner!

Seems like everybody enjoyed the weekend very much!

Alexandra :wub:
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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