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Maltese With Kidney Issues After Consuming Chicken Jerky treats from China . . .

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Information needed for study at the University of Pennsylvania

I'm cross-posting a paragraph from Dr. Urs Giger at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School regarding maltese who have developed kidney issues after eating chicken jerky treats from China. I had read that there might possibly be a link between these treats and ACQUIRED Fanconi syndrome, so it's wonderful that they're taking a look at these cases.


By the way we are interested in hearing about Maltese who have eaten Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats and developed some kidney issues. We are working on characterizing this problem known as Fanconi Syndrome in the Maltese and a few other small breed dogs. Our metabolic screen is helpful for this purpose.

Urs Giger
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Hope Janet sees this as I tbink it was these treats that triggered Fanconi in Scooby.
Hope Janet sees this as I tbink it was these treats that triggered Fanconi in Scooby.
that is what I was thinking also
that is what I was thinking also
OMG throwing out all the Dogswell in my house. I don't trust them even though they say they test. I get worried everytime I give Tyler a sweet potato or banana wrapped in chicken but he does like them.:huh: Stickin' to the good old US of A.
OMG I am so glad I read this. I have been giving my babies a lot of treats such as chicken jerky, sweet potatoe wrapped in chicken, duct, etc......

My friend bought a dehydrator and she just makes them sweet potatoe treats and jerkys herself at home. I might have to start doing that myself. Geeze!!!! This is horrible.
Not to be mean, but didn't anyone learn anything from the melamine on the dog and cat food scare a couple years ago...where pets were dying from melamine in pet food from China?
They also had a baby formula scare that killed many children...

I look to see where any treats and food comes from,I check the country of origin labels... I do it on people and pet food....
We have a food dehydrator,a Christmas gift,which at the time,I though was a frivolous item to collect dust.
I use it a lot to make treats for me and my fluffs....
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