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Malty Crew

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I've been trying to get a pic of my 3 all together....impossible!...My Mia knows what a camera is and as soon as she sees it, she will turn around and hide. So I had to take them all separately and put them together in PhotoImpact. Hopefully it's not too big.

Hugs, Blanche
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I love it! They look so sweet! :wub: Looks like you were able to catch Mia off guard! ;)
wow, they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your malty crew rocks!! They are all so cute!
Your three babies look so precious! Great pics :aktion033:
Thanks so much for sharing!

Alexandra :wub:
they r all gorgeous!
Awww...They are cute babies! I understand- I can't even get the two of mine together in the same shot!!!
Awwww...Thank Yall...They are my life!

Hugs, Blanche
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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