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Marking Territory???

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My little Asher is 2 years old. I have been so lucky because he has been wee wee pad trained since the day I got him, and obedient trained as well...I have a new man in my life and suddenly Asher has decided that he wants to pee on the bath mat and in the bedroom. What can I do???
His barking has also gotten out of control, especially at night when we go to sleep.
Any suggestions??
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get rid of the new man!!!!!! :w00t: Never doubt a dogs instincts, he probably knows somthing you don't....... Of course I am only kidding!

Maybe something you guys can try is to either have the new person hand feed the dog or give him treats if he does tricks or some kind of reward. But must come from the new man in your life... also maybe at night when you guys are watching television or hanging out have him hold the dog. He can also try spending time alone with the dog when your not in the room or not around.

My mother and father had got a new English bulldog, had it for 4 months before I had ever seen him, well trained, and the dog wouldn't let me anywhere around without barking non stop the first time he seen me. For a week he barked 2 feet in front of me like it was gonna attack then squated and peed right in front of me like he was saying "this is my house get out!!!".I hand fed him once took him out to pee with a reward once and that was that, we became the best of friends, lol. Of course all dogs are different but its worth a shot.
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thank you so much for your reply...
i was actually thinking about the new boyfriend and asher doing more bonding together because it started right as he started coming around more often and staying over...
when I am out...he only goes on the pad. he only does this when i am home.
i'm going to try what you suggested...thanx
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