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Matilda and B&B's 2010 4th of July Photo

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OMG they look so angry, I love it! LOL :HistericalSmiley::chili:

I love capturing those looks on camera when most of the time they aren't angry or anything, it's just that we caught them at the wrong moment. lol

I have come to realize that London is very photogenic in photos (when she's in a good mood!) and Preston just ALWAYS looks sad no matter what. LOL
:HistericalSmiley:funny, did you have fun?
LOl....Oh how cute!!... can't help but giggle at their expressions! LOL
LOL, I think they look darling, but I believe they may have started their master plan for the camera's demise as soon as this photo shoot was done.
LOL so funny

"Can we go home now...oh yeah, we are home."
There's my two little nieces and they don't look happy at all. Lol. Give them kisses from Awntie Debbie.
:smrofl::smrofl: Now right there is a true candid expression of what most of our fluffs think of the 4th of July! Not that they aren't thankful and want to celebrate our country's birthday. But the way we celebrate it with all those $#/!*$! fireworks! :angry: ..... :HistericalSmiley:
haha! They do look a little salty!! Cute as ever though- salty or not!
LOL, so unamused, but oh, so cute! :wub::wub::wub: Happy 4th, girls!
I love it! B&B & Matilda are tired of the dresses and bows and camera and just want to play!
and how many pictures did you take?

....probably not the 125 that I take to get that one happy picture...:brownbag:

I love their dresses. I bet Matilda would rather be playing with her ball instead of sitting right next to her sister. :innocent:
So cute.... looks like a typical sisterly pose to
heheheh too cute! love their outfits!
Fire cracker fire cracker boom boom boom! Reminds me of a cheer when I was a little girl! Paula you know I adore your girls. They are adorable!
hehe they look grumpy but still so cute! :wub:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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