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Matilda's and B&B's old siggy's

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I was going through Matilda's pictures I have in a file and found some of my old siggy's thought you might enjoy seeing them. I try to keep most of them, do you keep yours?
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those r great!
Paula these are so cute. Could you tell me where I could make one? Thanks
awwwh love them and remember them well. I especially love the "wanna play" and "mommy's girls" siggies :D they are all beautiful.

I keep all of mine in my photobucket album :)

Yep, I remember them all! So cute!!!!!
I remember we all used to get pretty creative and have fun with them!!! Mine are all on photobucket still, there are a ton of them.
I remember them! I don't think I could pick a favorite...I love the ALL! :wub::wub:

I still have my old ones on photobucket, too.
i love looking at everyone's siggies...i am pretty new, so to see some of the older siggies is a treat!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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