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My little blind McKenzie is doing great an growing like a weed. She runs around so hard and fast that you would never know that she is blind. She is 14 weeks old now and is doing well with her potty training. She goes to bed between 11 and 12pm and will sleep until 6-7am without messing up her carrier. She loves my yorkies although they are still not too fond of her. I just hope when she gets through this puppy stage that she will be more loving like my sweet baby Heidi was. :unsure:
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What a strong girl McKenzie is! I'm so glad that she's not letting her lack of sight stop her from being a puppy! :D I know you'll give her all the love in the world!
Oh, so happy for her and for you! That's great!
Hooray for McKenzie! :aktion033:

The book Living With Blind Dogs is an excellent resource. Since McKenzie is just a puppy, it would probably be very helpful in her training. Living With Blind Dogs: A Resource Book and Training Guide for the…
thats great shes such a good girl.
awwh thank you so much for updating us with this very precious girl .. I am very happy to read that she is doing fine :)

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