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I've adopted a Maltese mix...or possibly not a mix at all.

Hello 馃憢 I'm new to the forum - and new to Maltese ownership!

I adopted my new friend, Martha, this past week. I found Spoiled Maltese during my Google deep-dive for all things Maltese. Martha is the second dog I have ever owned. My Lhasa mix passed in September after a long illness and, although I am still healing, I felt ready to open my heart again.

Martha, who is still learning her name, is a rescued stray. The humane society wasn't able to provide me with much information about her. They estimated her age to be under five years old. Based on the condition of her teeth, I think she's around two years old. They believe her to be a Maltese mix, but my neighbor is confident Martha is purebred (only a genetics test will tell!)

What I've learned about Martha so far:
  • She's housebroken
  • Walks well on a leash
  • Doesn't know any commands -she's learning her name first
  • Crate trained - but has separation anxiety (to be expected after misplacing her family)
  • Loves to be held - a true lap dog
  • Very patient when being groomed - haven't tried trimming her nails, but she doesn't mind her paws being touched
  • Friendly with strangers
  • Wary of other dogs - gets frightened when other dogs bark at her, but doesn't bark back or show signs of aggression. She's perfectly okay walking past other dogs, it's only if they bark at her does she freeze and shake.
  • Friendly with cats - or at least my cat, Ronan. Ronan still hasn't decided how he feels about Martha and has done his best to avoid her. Introductions are going very slowly and at Ronan's pace.
Look forward to learning more and finding advice on the forums - and, of course, spoiling Martha.

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Martha certainly is a Sweet Heart and thank you so much for opening you heart and your home to her!! And yes, it certainly is very hard to have to part with one of our beloved Pets and there are many here that have done so. Please keep us posted as to how Martha and you are doing.
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