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Benny Jr. arrived this past Thursday as our family was preparing to take a mini-vacation for the 4th of July. We decided that Benny Jr. should not spend his first weekend with our family stuck in the hot and sticky house so we took him with us.

Upon arriving at my mom's house, Benny Jr. was introduced to Bobo the Bird. He was very comfortable and made his way up to Bobo's perch. Bobo did not know what to think about this little white invader but then the two became fast friends.
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After visiting with Bobo, Benny Jr. was shown the deck and therefore the bird's eye view of the pond. As he does not currently have a lifejacket he was not permitted to venture down to the pond, but in time.
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Instead, he was allowed to sit in his new sailboat and merely think about the day he could embark on a great Ocean adventure.
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But the next day he did go on an adventure - on dry land of course - to the golf course!
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On our way back to Maine, Hunter and Benny Jr. insisted that we stop at Sonic. Hunter showed Benny Jr. how to lean out the window to get hte attention of the Car Hops!
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After a quick 'pee' stop in New Hampshire we finally made it back to Maine safe and sound. Hunter and Benny Jr. quickly ate their dinner and then it was off to bed for everyone!
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Thank you Tammy, Emma, & Benny for sending Benny Jr. to our home. We are so very happy to have him - please also thank Grandpa for us!:chili::wub:

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Oh Erin - when I first read the thread title I was thinking...did she get a sister or brother for Hunter?:w00t: I guess the answer is yes.:HistericalSmiley:But one you don't have to train. I LOVED the pictures of Benny Jr. -- how cute especially aboard his sailboat, in the golf cart (fore!!) and with Bobo. It's lucky that Bobo didn't christen him, if you know what I mean.:new_shocked: So sweet of Tammy, Benny (Sr) and Emma to send BJ your way.:wub::wub:

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Erin I laughed throughout your entire picture post! You are the PERFECT pet parent to Benny Jr. I mean this strange pup arrives unannounced on your doorstep as you are leaving for the holiday weekend and what do you do? You take Benny Jr. with you and document the whole thing! I'm so glad the first pup arrived safe and sound and he bonded with your whole family!

Much love and hugs to you my friend! Enjoy Benny Jr (love the name btw)!!!! I'm so happy you like him xoxoxoxo
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