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Memorial Day Weekend "Hot Dogs"

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The temp is 91 degrees and the Boyz just want to sit in a chair and do nothing!
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Are you kidding me!? That's wonderful weather for playing outside!
the boys have it made:wub: it's cold here 54, ugh
Cute picture and can you blame them? LOL They look very comfortable!
Awwww, your guy looks very comfy. Warm days are good for is about too hot to go out here.
Yep, 91 is too warm to do much else. Happy lounging!
(It's 92 here and climbing)
That's exactly what I've been doing's a wonderful life!:thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing!
Looks like they found themselves a lovely shade :)
Today was probably the hottest day so far of this year around here, I loved it though!! It's a nice change from the rain.
They look like they are just comfy resting. why bother ;) I could just join them there for a cuddle.

So cute to see the boyz relaxing on the chair together!
:Sunny Smile:
Puh, that's really hot but I envy you, here it's cold and rainy and I don't know where summer is!

Alexandra :wub:
They look so adorale!!! That is the best way to spend the holiday!
Move over, guys. I'm with you!! Just beautiful.
Can't blame them at all- just trying to keep cool!
Thanks everybody for your nice comments. Chase and Ozzy always cuddle together and have to be touching. Chase is deaf and it is Oz who helps him hear by letting him know what is going on if Chase is sleeping or just isn't aware of something.
91 degrees?? Marsha, I'm so jealous! I'm weird, but I love hot, hot weather. N. Cali has been having real strange weather lately; there was a random rain storm last Thursday! I can't wait until it starts getting real hot around here. It's a nice 75 degrees today, though, so I can't complain. :thumbsup:

Enjoy those fabulous hot dogs! :wub::wub::wub: Happy Memorial Day!!! :chili:
They are smart boys for sure. And simply adorable sharing the same chair. :wub:We were at my sister's house yesterday and it was so miserable. Too miserable to be outside but the kids were in the pool. So we were outside. Jett and Callie were in a patio chair as well. Coolest place they could find. I'm kicking myself I didn't overcome my discomfort and go get the camera. You're a better mommy then me.:brownbag: My Zoe didn't care how hot it was. She claimed mommy's lap.
Don't blame them a bit! Wasn't it hot this weekend!!!! Man, Saturday was too HOT!!!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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