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I'm 46 and had went into early menopause due to a complete hysterectomy 5 years ago. I had an allergic reaction to the hormone patch and haven't been taking hormones like i should because of too many health risks. I'm wondering if my not taking hormones is contributing to my moodiness (depression) and me being irritable. Is there something that is natural that will help with the symptoms of menopause?
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I went through menopause at 46. Have taken nothing for it. I'm now 49, and the hot flashes/night sweats are still here. I've heard they can last for the rest of your life ~ :HistericalSmiley:
I've gone the "natural" remedy, but it didn't help a bit. I actually had a date stay over, and in the morning he said, "wow, you sure sweat a lot in your sleep". I couldn't stop laughing. So nope, through this, it has not made me moody at all. I, actually, seem to be in a better mood. Go figure.

I do know many gals, who have taken natural remedies, and they did help. Give me your ship-to address. I will send you what did not work for me. I ordered them from a gal at work, which she swears by. The bottle is pretty much full, and not close to expiring, so you can give it a try.
Yes moodiness can be one of the signs. I did not use the patch. I used the lowest dose (0.625) of Premarin for over 10 years. I stopped about 3 years ago and now kind of regret it. My cholesterol went up and I had to change to Crestor 20 mg (instead of Lipitor 10 mg). My sugar level went up. After 3 years I still have hot flashes, thankgoodness they are not too bad, I can deal with them.
It looks like this post triggered advertising about Estrogel and Menopause !!!:huh:
My dr. recommends soy milk which seems to help a lot if I drink 3 glasses a day. She also recommends black cohosh which I can't take (because of pollen allergies), specifically remifemnin. Good luck!
I am on of the lucky ones who had very little problems...must be genetic as my sisters didn't have much problem either. Never took anything and but for a now and again , and very mild, hot flash I seemed to float thru that time so I'm no help to you.

Have a friend who did have quite a time and she went to health food store as she wanted a natural appraoch to symptoms and had good luck drinking some kind of herbal teas but I forgot what . Will try to find out for you!.
I truly believe moodiness is a big issue as well as the hot flashes. My doc is wanting me off the Premarin alltogether. He has me taking the .625 every other day. The hot flashes drive me nuts as I can't seem to get ready to go anywhere without them hitting.

Our bones continue to produce some hormones on their own. It just isn't enough to prevent the hot flashes, moodiness, and other issues.

I asked my doc for alternatives. All he said was...look into natural help at all. I have been told by other women to check into Evista (sp?), so I plan to check on that....and if need be, find a doc who will work with me on making life a little more comfortable.
Please, please, please don't take any hormone replacement ladies. I took it and in 2002 was diagnosed with estrogen receptive breast cancer. Yep, the bc was fed by the hormone replacement. Eight years later, two surgeries, chemo regiment twice, three medications to stop me from producing estrogen (even though I had a hysterectomy many years ago) and on oral chemo now. I am Stage 4 incurable now. My bc metastacized to my liver (resection done), bones (can only treat, not cure) and then again to my liver (why I'm on chemo now). I will be on oral chemo forever or until I can't tolerate hands and feet are red, itchy, very sore & peeling. Believe me, the hot flashes and moodiness are nothing compared to what I have and am still going through. Never thought it would happen to me and thankfully for my two daughters I don't carry the "gene" to pass it along to them.
I had early menopause and took Premarin for years before my stroke---then they took it all away & I almost lost my mind---literally! :smpullhair::smpullhair:
I had to go through taking 4 days of tests to prove I wasn't depressed (I wasn't!). Finally got a patch & have been on it since. Saw a doctor recently & he asked me if I didn't want to go off it since I am "older." :HistericalSmiley: These were my exact words "IF YOU TRY TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME I WILL KILL YOU." :brownbag: After a hearty laugh he said, "I like patients like you who know what they want---you make my job a lot easier!" I think he knew I meant it!:smrofl::smrofl:
I did try natural without success---but people are different so do what YOU think is best!
Good luck and bless you!
I have no idea, Debbie, but just wanted to say that I hope you find something that will be helpful and safe for u to take.
There's a gynecological group in Maine called women-to-women. They have a
herbal supplement that they market for hormone control as part of a program that they offer. There was a thread here on SM about this group a month or so ago. I have never tried their supplements, but I think that I would definitely look into this if I needed it. Here's the link: Women to Women — Changing women's health — naturally

I'm 51... all of my friends and my sister have already been through menopause and I have absolutely no signs or symptoms yet... so I don't know what I'll encounter, but I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I hope that you find something that works for you, soon!!
Yes there is. You can get a product over the counter called "Estroven". It is a dietary supplement and contains herbs and it really works. If you have a Rite Aid in your area that's where I get mine and I get the Rite Aid brand which is a lot cheaper. It is called extra strength menopause support. Look on the box and it says compare to Estroven. This can be taken safely and you don't have to worry about the cancer risks associated with some hormones.
All I can say is join the club! LOL
There are natrual soy products. Go to a health food store and ask about that. I hear they help the insomnia that is due to menopause too.
OMG its so funny you posted this. I have a doctors appointment today
for the same thing. I don't know if it's meopause or what but my mood
swings are horrible, then I get depressed going off the deep end. It just
not pms anymore it's all blending together. I'll be 48 soon, not having
hot flashes or miss periods but it's the mood swings. :w00t::angry: Sometimes
I honestly think there is something :wacko1: seriously wrong with me. Hopefully the doctor will be able to help. All I can say is my poor husband he's the one who has to put up with it:huh:.
I am just getting to that stage too. Everything out there is pretty complicated, don't take this, don't take that, etc etc. I am thinking of going to a clinic that specializes.

Not sure soy is considered good anymore in the studies now. You really shouldn't take it if you are on thyroid medication as it can mess everything up.

Yes you certainly can get depressed, have moods swings and a gazillion other things. I recently have started to have more flushing, and am having terrible sinus and top of the head pain. Weirdly when I googled it, it came up with Menopause...... I was shocked.
Debbie -- I had asked a couple of weeks ago if anyone was familiar with this website: Women to Women — Changing women's health — naturally

It seems to have such good information on this problem. I did end up sending for their program and will give it 90 days and see how I do on it.
I have no idea, Debbie, but just wanted to say that I hope you find something that will be helpful and safe for u to take.
:wub: Kat you have many years to go before getting to this. Hopefully when YOU reach menopause they have something better for it.
I had breast cancer when I was 33. I am now 57 and my doctor REFUSES to give me hormone replacement therphy. They are dangerous.
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