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Hello SM Family! Wishing everyone and all of the precious angels a Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 New Year!

I thought I start a fun thread regarding all of the delicious treats we make or buy for our precious babies.

For Porky and Emmie,

They loves the dehydraded thin slice Turkey breast we made naturally no added anything. They also loves the fragrant pears or Korean pears as well.

Then ofcourse who can say no to Vanilla Ice Cream!!!!! Here are to faces of waiting for Daddy to give me some ice cream! lol


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Aww, your dogs are so lucky! And who could resist such cuteness! 馃グ

My dogs don't get much, as two are on prescription diets for different health reasons. But vanilla ice cream in tiny amounts is always a hit! A little bite of plain cooked turkey. Also Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. And when there is pie for humans, maybe a tiny piece of crust for a dog who sees it being eaten, which we try to avoid. 馃榿

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I feel sorry for Peyton and Brianna after looking at what you feed your babies, lol. During the Holidays I do give them Turkey. They (well Peyton) are on restricted food. The only treat I give them is matchstick carrots.
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