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Mesh end wrap

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I was doing Bijou's hair just now and I think he swallowed a mesh end wrap. I don't know for sure if it will pass like the tissue he has eaten. Does anyone know if he is in any danger or what would I look for as any symptoms of a problem?
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what is it made out of..i have no clue what that is
n e pics?
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There is a picture on the top knot pictorial in the grooming. It does pull apart easily and I asked on the grooming topic if anyone knows what they are made of because it doesn't say on the box.
well if it is paper u should be ok...just watch for vomiting, painful abdomen, and depression..if these sign occur, call ur vat asap.
Jamie, thank you so much. I will keep an eye on him and his BMs also to be sure that it passes.
Originally posted by Bijousmom@Oct 31 2005, 10:04 PM
Jamie, thank you so much.  I will keep an eye on him and his BMs also to be sure that it passes.
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He probably did not eat it. Did you look around in his favorite hiding places? It would probably be like trying to eat cotton.
I have to watch him carefully because if I miss a wastebasket with a tissue he does try to eat it. I have to pull as much as possible out of his mouth before he swallows it. I have found tissue in his BMs. He usually has a BM by this time in the morning so I may have to go to the vet today if he doesn't have one by lunch time.
I hope everything comes out pun intended. Let us know if you have to take him into the vet's office.
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