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Mia is a bit perplexed....

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She's unsure what toy to play with :unsure:

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Do you want to come out and play? :wub:
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Okay, you asked for it :)
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Mommy, don't even try it....this is Mia's picture thread.
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I refuse to particapte!
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Love to all Aunties,
Mia and Leo :wub:
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My goodness Mia - what a toy box you have!! Hugs to you all! it too many choices or perhaps it's her brother she really wants to play with?

Christine, I adore your babies! They are just scrumptious! Leo's looking like a 'cool cat' chillin' on the sofa. B)
Oh, so many toys to choose from! How is a girl to pick just one! Adorable!
ooooo! look at all those toys, must be so hard to choose! Too cute!
Zippy says, "take dem all out, and take dem all over da house. Mommy makes funny faces and noises when she picks them up. It is weally funny"
Hahaha, how cute!!!! Try them all sweetie!!!
loool that is way too cute, and I don't blame Mia for not knowing what to choose ..adorable Leo also looks as cute as ever

Too many toys, too little time!! I'm sure they'll all be scattered to the wind shortly. And I love Leo trying to keep out of the whole fray and camera view. :wub::wub:
Oh my, SeRi says she wants to come over to play as she is tired of chewing on cardboard boxes and bias trims and laces :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
LOL, the toy dilemma. I have the same problem here. Too many choices. But my boy doesn't like to let the girls have all the fun. :p
Mia - your picture thread was just perfect! I love your little toybox and look at all those toys!
:HistericalSmiley:Leo you silly boy:HistericalSmiley: Mia knows what a girl wants to play with,:chili: she's adorable:wub:
Sweet Mia, who says you have choose? Just take them all and play with your cool brother :)
Sweet Mia, girls can do that ya know. Choosing is hard unless you're Hannah, who just plays with the same green frog all the time.
Precious pictures of the pups - that Leo just takes the cake he's so cute - they both are!!! :wub:
Awwwww hugs from my kids to all of you.

Much love.
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