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This is one of the big problems with getting an animal of any kind. You need to be ready to take this little bit of a thing into your home and heart for the rest of THEIR lives. Getting a puppy and then "moving on" is a huge reason so many puppies end up in rescues. Please be sure that you are well aware of all the issues involved with taking this puppy.

A pup from a BYB may come with a laundry list of health issues, are you ready and able to take these issues on?? I am talking big money if they are not well and coming from a BYB may mean they are well right now, but may not be later.

Is YOUR life settled, do you know you will have this little angel for maybe 13 years or more?? Are you ready to be there for this puppy for it's whole life? Everything you'll do, vacations, moving, getting married, school, having children will revolve around this puppy. They are people pups, they need LOTS of attention and love, all the time, not just when someone is able to be there for them. This puppy will need lots of love and attention at this young age. Please think about it clearly, looking ahead to your OWN future. How will this affect you and your boyfriend in the future. Would this puppy be better off with someone that has a more settled life?

I hope you take these things into consideration before making a committment to this puppy, because if somewhere down your road you want to move on and give the puppy up is it fair to her to be passed on to someone else? She has a right to be with a stable family and bond with someone that will love and keep her forever.....
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