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Milo is so odd - ever since he was a puppy he has had an obsession with bags - any kind of bag!
We use the re-usuable type grocery bags(ETA - they're not plastic, more of a cloth material) - he loves to sleep on them and play on/in them!:blink:
Whenever I am getting ready to go out he tries to get into my handbag!!
I don't use a carrier for him so I have no idea why he does that!
He also loves backpacks! My brothers school one has now become Milo's fave place to sleep!
He's crazy - he has a great little doggy sofa but he prefers to sleep on a backpack!!

Does your pup have any crazy obsessions?

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Milo you silly boy:wub: after B&B gets out of her bed Matilda runs over and pulls the pad out, rolls all over it, and then turns B&B bed upside down:wacko1: happens like clock work every night:unsure:
haha! thats too funny!

That's too funny about Milo! lol. Noelle likes to drag her bed around the house and she likes to flip upside down and the flip it back. It's so funny sometimes you'll find her bed in the hallway she has even dragged it out of the expen.

Right now Kirby loves ANYTHING that is not his, but his absolute favorite is dirty laundry. He loves to steal a piece and run around crazy with it, chew on it and lay on it. If he can't get anything out of the basket cause it's all big things like big towels he will jump in the basket and lay in there.

He also loves to steal grocery bags, but we use the plastic I have had to work really hard on the sit, stay and leave it commands because I'm concerned he will swallow a bit of plastic as he chews on it. When that fails, I bribe with treats to get the bag back. I learned early on that chasing and trying to grab things is a game he enjoys and will prolong it until I pass out.

There are a number of things he got a hold of and destroyed....which is why we call him "The Kirbinator"....:HistericalSmiley:
sounds like every pup lol!
They love things that aren't theirs!

Lola likes bags too, but the funny one is that she really loves to steal my bras. She even manages to knock over the laundry basket so she can dive in and come out victorious, head held high prancing around with one of my bras......funny girl.
omg! thats so funny!
I can just imagine Lola doing that!

We call Tyler "Garbage Dog.":w00t: We have a pull out from our cabinet that holds two big plastic trash cans for regular and recycling. The second he hears what sounds like one of the bags being pulled out of it to take to the compactor room, he races from any part of the house to run out the door and down the hall, sometimes with toy in mouth. Sad to think this beautiful white puff is so enthralled with garbage. I think he does it on purpose. :smtease:
haha! Maybe he wants to help? lol
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