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Right now Kirby loves ANYTHING that is not his, but his absolute favorite is dirty laundry. He loves to steal a piece and run around crazy with it, chew on it and lay on it. If he can't get anything out of the basket cause it's all big things like big towels he will jump in the basket and lay in there.

He also loves to steal grocery bags, but we use the plastic I have had to work really hard on the sit, stay and leave it commands because I'm concerned he will swallow a bit of plastic as he chews on it. When that fails, I bribe with treats to get the bag back. I learned early on that chasing and trying to grab things is a game he enjoys and will prolong it until I pass out.

There are a number of things he got a hold of and destroyed....which is why we call him "The Kirbinator"....:HistericalSmiley:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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