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Originally posted by milo@Apr 21 2005, 11:59 AM
Looks like Milo's on the road to recovery. 
He went to the Vet yesterday, and all seems well. He seems to think Milo was just reacting to the worm medication because he is so small. (At 16 weeks he's still only 2 pounds) The Vet did say that he is a little skinny, so we've added some yummy canned puppy food into the mix. He seems to really like it. He ate a big dinner last night and a big breakfast this morning.

My husband took him for a walk this morning and said he ran around lots and had a blast, so It seems like he's back to his normal self.

Thank you once again for all your helpful advise and for all your kind and encouraging thoughts. I really appreciate it. 

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Awww, that's great!!! So glad to hear that!!!!!
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