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Miss Hollywood says thank you!

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A wonderful package arrived in the mail the other addressed to "Miss Hollywood" from Dianne, CeeCee and Rain and when we opened it there were some WONDERFUL gifts inside! I asked "Miss Hollywood's" agent if it would be o.k. to shoot a few shots and lucky for me she agreed to a few. :HistericalSmiley: Thank you so much Dianne and girls for the wonderful gifts! It was beyond thoughtful of you! :wub:


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She is now officially too cool for school! We'll have to address you as Nissa Dahling! That was so nice of the very nice Dianne.
awwwh so thoughtful of Dianne ^_^

love the pressie..but of course, Nissa rocks on whatever she has on ;)

I can't think of a more appropriate little vest then the Milan for our Miss Hollywood! You wear it well girl!

Very sweet of Dianne, CeeCee & Rain.
Aolani is excited to know someone famous Nissa. I think he may be starting your fan club soon if noone has started one already.
Oh my goodness, there she is in all her finery!!! Work it girl!!!! She looks so cool in those sunglasses and her biker chick jacket, with a little sparkle thrown in for Miss Hollywood!!!! Nissa, you are too cute for words!!!!:chili::chili::chili:
Miss Hollwood, you rock!!!:supacool::dancing banana::dancing banana:
Nissa you are just to gorgeous. That was so sweet of Diane and her girls to think of you and send such wonderful gifts.
Nissa, you are such a diva and so Hollywood!!

We love you and think you are B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L!

Diane and girls that was so cute of you!
Those gifts are perfect for Miss Hollywood!!! Dianne, CeeCee and Rain are the sweetest!
What beautiful presents for the adorable Hollywood princess Nissa!

How toughtful of Dianne, CeeCee and of course Rain! :heart:

Alexandra :wub:
she is definitely hollywood material KIM . . I love her ensemble . .
Love it! Nissa, you are just way TOO CUTE!!! :wub::wub:
That was so sweet of Dianne!
Marilyn, I mean Nissa darling you look so stunning.:wub:
Great gifts Dianne:aktion033:
I don't know how I missed this thread. :unsure:

Nissa is too cute. I actually LOLed when I saw the pictures. Fabulous little diva!
Ah... what lovely gifts for our beloved Miss Hollywood, Nissa Dahling! :wub::wub:

Ah, Nissa Dahling, not only are you a gorgeous star, you're Pirate Princess, Diva Extrordinaire, and SuperModel as well. Such a resume for such a little lady! Your accomplishments in such a short time are nothing short of stunning! B)

So when do you start doing pawtographs? :party:
OH TOO CUTE!!!! She is definitely ready for her closeup!!! Those glasses crack me up!!! :D :D :D
You take the best pictures Kim! Nissa you are the perfect Miss Hollywood. What great gifts Dianne.
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