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Max is just a cutie pie!! :wub:

Where did Minnie's spots go?! Hopefully she didn't find a bleach kit! ;)
thank you :)
:HistericalSmiley:wouldn't be surprised if minnie did do such a thing .... she gets into everything
aww Max:wub: I love the second picture
thanks :w00t: it's so hard to get a good picture of Max.. he usually looks away from the camera!
awwh they're precious ...and wow! Minnie did lose her spots
thanks! rofl Minnie must have forgotten them somewhere ...

Max is adorable. I love his puppyish face and grin. I wish I could pick him up and smooch him! You have done a wonderful job with Max. He looks so happy.

oh thank you ... he'd love smooches from you! :) he's always looking for attention these days :wub:

Wow they look sooooo happy!!
thank you! :thumbsup: i try hard to make them happy ... and they in turn make my day...
Max is a cutiepie.:wub: I think Minnies spots are all behind her. I love her spots.
Max says dankyou! Yes, Minnie's spots ARE behind her .. when she was younger she used to have a black patch on around one of her eyes like an eyepatch .. but it's less noticeable these days ... her ears were also pulled back hehe she was whining to get up on the bed :innocent:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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